AI Bias Testing

Bias Testing ensures that your AI can be experienced by everyone. This includes an Accessibility analysis of the AI's user interface as well as testing for Bias in the AI's training data. Whether its your website, mobile app, or voice experience we will seek out and find the ways your AI could serve your users better and share them with you in a simple report. What are we looking for?

  1. The user experience should be WCAG Compliant.
  2. Does your AI confuse people or lead neurodivergent users astray?
  3. Does your AI strike the correct tone with your unique audience?

Each of these core areas are fundamental to an inclusive experience and have their own complexity.

WCAG Compliance

Fundamental to the ChatBot accessibility testing process is the user experience. You want to ensure that all experiences you have built around your ChatBot are WCAG Compliant. This includes any website or Android and iOS applications that users use to interface with your chatbot.

Accessibility testing involves testing your ChatBoth with assistive technologies to make sure users with blind or low vision can interact with your experiences. It also ensures various design characteristics do not strain users vision and all text is readable.

ChatBot experiences are simple, it's a law in many situations, it's the obvious place to start.

Simple Language

If your AI communicates with everyone in the same way it will cease to appear intelligent and steer others astray. The shape of a prompt should determine the shape of response. Especially when it is requested! Simple phrases like:

  1. In 1 sentence...
  2. Quickly...
  3. In detail

The ways users subtly imply a want for brevity or detail is fundamental a good user experience. Providing details and information to users who want them is important. However, so is the ability to summarize the essential details.

A tendency to accomplish one well and another poorly is something that should be tested both in terms of data bias and user experience!

Use of Tone

Different groups will appreciate things being worded different ways. The words you would share with a child may be different then the way you would phrase something for an adult. Understanding tone and how your ChatBot uses tone to communicate with your users is essential.

When all other things are equal users will tend towards conversations with an AI they enjoy talking to.